Mental image turning "sideways"?

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2021.09.22 04:12 better-omens Mental image turning "sideways"?

I like to envision stories in my head when I'm trying to fall asleep. However, when I turn on to my side, very often I find that my mental image sort of turns "sideways" as well, and I can't visualize anything anymore because I sort of can't tell which way is "up." I put "sideways" and "up" in quotation marks because it makes it sound much more visual than the experience actually is, but I can't think of a better way to describe it. Has anyone experienced something similar? Is this something that could be related to autism? I've never heard of anyone else having this problem :/
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2021.09.22 04:12 Moonchildbeast Jesse is just not ambitious

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesse, and why he keeps screwing everything up. Because he never wanted to be big-time in the first place.
He gets into it with Walt because of greed and the threat of blackmail. That flies out the window soon enough, since he realizes he has shit on Walt too.
He gets the shit beat out of him by Tuco, so he wasn’t wanting that business arrangement, but he went along into it, and that went totally crazy.
Jesse and Walt started again, which would’ve been ok but then Walt and his idiocy told him to go slinging on other crews’ turf, then Combo got shot.
Jane dies and Jesse goes to rehab. More to it than that but we’ve all seen it.
Then him tentatively getting into the business again as a sober cook, and Walt and Gus play their stupid mind games. Jesse gets beat up AGAIN and by Hank, which quite understandably makes Jesse hate everyone he’s been involved in the meth business with, especially Walt.
So that 1.5 mil partnership with Walt is NOT something he ever wanted! The money, sure who wouldn’t? But not the garbage that goes with it.
I was always thinking about how stupid Jesse was to fuck up the lab deal with Gus, but he never wanted to be big time to begin with. He just wanted to sling his dope and make a few grand a week or a month and not worry about shit. And he’s 24! That’s actually almost ok at that age.
I hope he finds something really good in Alaska. Lots of woodworking to be sure. He was just so over his head from day one.
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2021.09.22 04:12 7BlueWhales ATER 20$ call 10/15 '21 seems to be GME 20$ call 1/15 '20 - A big CUP with GAINS? Is ATER gonna see new 52 week high? ATER 150$+ in a super short squeeze play?

ATER 20$ call 10/15 '21 seems to be GME 20$ call 1/15 '20 - A big CUP with GAINS? Is ATER gonna see new 52 week high? ATER 150$+ in a super short squeeze play? submitted by 7BlueWhales to Xelastock [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 04:12 Cirkkkk How do I put gas into my A/C system?

The clerk at Autozone told me I need to put gas in my a/c system so I took it to the gas station but the nozzle on the pump doesn’t fit the refill hole for the a/c.
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2021.09.22 04:12 SnekIsCute12 Hidden Message?!

So after watching the new episode I decided to take a look and see if anything had changed, on the surface nothing was different so i decided to take a deeper look and say this little message which I hadn't seen before reading "You can't save this" save what? what are we trying to save aside from the little kid? is there something deeper that what is just being shown to us like normal but if so then what is being hidden? what or who do we need to save?
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2021.09.22 04:12 PCisLame J&J says booster shot provides 100 percent protection against severe COVID-19, the Question is who actually BELIEVES it?

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2021.09.22 04:12 dersaspyoverher has to be the first peace deal i've seen that made me actually angry

has to be the first peace deal i've seen that made me actually angry
sidenote, at first poland was annexed by the ussr, but then they freed it and ceded it to the allied polish govt, then somehow i got an event for the german reich occupying western poland, and then the soviet union annexed it again.
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2021.09.22 04:12 tastelsanic Which is better Scott M98 or Avon C50

Does anyone know which of the two masks is better? I'm seriously thinking about getting one for some lab work but I don't know which one is better. I know the Scott has good visibility but I would like to compare more details of the two masks.
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2021.09.22 04:12 Skeump This asshole lmao

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2021.09.22 04:12 littleknometroll Which Deity do you connect with the most, and why?

I have resonated with Lord Ganesha. I find his story endearing. and I also see Ganesha as a symbol of acceptance. I appreciate that he has a big round belly and and elephant head; he is still beautiful.
What God or Deity has a special place in your heart?
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2021.09.22 04:12 boukmir You Raise Me Up (2021) Episode 4

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2021.09.22 04:12 Chip_Proper Floaters used to be my life, now I'm free from them

In 2015 I got severe eye floaters. They were big and plenty, in the center of my field of vision. Like many of you, I got them at a time when I was very stressed. I was also drinking a ton of coffee and lifting heavy weights.
I can tell you I almost never see them anymore. If I go out of my way I can make them visible, but I'm completely adapted and it doesn't bother me.
The first 2 years were hell. And it took me 5 years for me to stop noticing them.
Before, I used to tell people they made it say my best day ever feel like a 5/10. But now they no longer affect my quality of life at all. It seems crazy that I used to spend so much time thinking about them. It's all I ever talked about. It's fucking nuts.
I used to lurk on this subreddit and hope for a cure. I remember eating only pineapples for a month straight lol. I was even considering risky surgery.
I remember wearing sunglasses to my college classes. It was embarrassing, but necessary. Now I don't ever wear sunglasses. I don't want to block out the beautiful light.
I will say the only thing I know that helped me some was quitting caffeine. Caffeine increases eye pressure and anxiety.
I used to fantasize about writing this post back in the day. But I haven't even thought these damn things in 2 years. I just happened to be on another subreddit discussing them. Thought I'd stop by to share the good news.
If you're like I was and you think your life is ruined-- it's not. Just focus on being the best you can be and know that the world will someday be beautiful again.
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2021.09.22 04:12 pinkxhoney Fashion majors wanna help ya girl out

Hi! I have two skirts that I want to revamp but I don't have the tools or knowledge. Was hoping to collaborate with a fashion major to make these wearable again. Any takers? Honestly, could be great networking. I'm majoring in advertising and minoring in fashion, could lead to some possible collabs later!
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2021.09.22 04:12 thekobebryant My girlfriend meal preps for our dog. Tonight’s dinner: ground turkey, squash, green beans, and spinach to be served over brown rice and kibble.

My girlfriend meal preps for our dog. Tonight’s dinner: ground turkey, squash, green beans, and spinach to be served over brown rice and kibble. submitted by thekobebryant to MealPrepSunday [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 04:12 thebestsoul Like if you are also a stupid stanford student

We’re the minority :(
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2021.09.22 04:12 kabir-madan can you eat 1000000000 year old gum [Video]

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2021.09.22 04:12 Derlicious1231 I’m trading my hallow’s edge for bat wing

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2021.09.22 04:12 twenty212 Where are the cowards?

Wondering where the big (afraid of a needle) “men” are today?
The trains are running, you’ve got nothing to do because of “evil” Dan Andrews trying to protect the Victorian Public from the fact you don’t want to obey the rules.
So where the bloody hell are ya 😉 - show your faces if your convictions are so strong.
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2021.09.22 04:12 Wizards96 I’m looking at you terrible fourth tier English team!

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2021.09.22 04:12 kabir-madan can you eat 1000000000 year old gum

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2021.09.22 04:12 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 04:12 PAPAYA_GOD More hollow kinight characters and their most recent google searches

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2021.09.22 04:12 Ouch259 Is silver rising right now so the banks can slam down after Powell speaks tomorrow?

Is this a set up?
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2021.09.22 04:12 Sia_alordd Engineers India Ltd. @88, what should I do ?

Hey, what is your say for engineers India Ltd. I bought at level of 88/- & CMP- 73 Should I exist or hold it?
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2021.09.22 04:12 ThatMoonGuy About anniversary in other games

So, I believe everyone has heard about the anniversary prizes for Genshin, right? A common counter argument that I see being used against the complaints about MHY's stinginess is that other games often have bad prizes for first anniversary as well. So, I'd like to bring to you FGO's prizes for its first anniversary as a matter of comparison.
First, the livestream had a tweeter campaign that gave a free 10 pull to everyone.
Besides that, there was a login event that gave a lot of small rewards but gave another 10 pull in the last day.
The game also reduced the summoning cost by 25%, from 4 SQ per pull to 3 SQ per pull (something like changing the cost of fates to 120 primogens).
Three servants received animation and sprite updates, making them visibly better looking.
Another 14 received rank up quests which are use din FGO to make older units competitive again by strengthening their skills or NPs.
Double success rate on level up (similar to what Genshin has for Artifacts, but for characters and craft essences/weapons).
Half AP dailies, which is equivalent to half resin domains/ley lines.
Palingenesis, a system where you can consume one special item to increase a characters rarity and level cap.
Special rerun banners for various older units.
A new banner with a new 5 star and a trial quest for that character that gave a single pull.
A guaranteed banner where you could make a 10 pull with paid currency to have a guaranteed 5 star from the standard pool.
And a bunch of smaller quality of life updates that made the game better.
Again, this is the first anniversary of FGO which wad in 2016. Since then, the anniversaries have only gotten better, up to including a half currency gssr for limited units and even a free standard banner 5 star. Some anniversary have given enough currency for up to 50 pulls, free 4 stars and much more.
And that's even considering that FGO often gives free SR units with NP 5 (max constellations, in genshin) as event rewards and some of those units are some of the best and most popular units in the game to this day.
So, no. Other games have done much better than genshin impact in their first anniversary. This is no excuse.
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