2021.09.22 04:27 KTrvn beans

it’s my cake day can i get 40 beans for bud
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2021.09.22 04:27 Thom_gillespie Driving in the rain

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2021.09.22 04:27 brophy87 Possible human remains found in wooded area of Guildford

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2021.09.22 04:27 svanapps r/ethtrader - Why care about evergrande if Chyna banned crypto?

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2021.09.22 04:27 Silly-Case-7013 Mech Master Game Review

Mech Master Game Review Mech Master is an upcoming NFT Play to Earn game based on the popular genre of science fiction of space mechas, its planned to launch on PC, Android and IOS in the near future. The blockchains the game will use are PolkaFoundry network, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.
The story consists in a future where the Homo Deus (Humans from the future earth) where humanity is on the verge of extinction produced by foreign threats who invades earth, their last hope consist on gathering the little resources they have to open a time portal to the past and send all the Mechas they can with the knowledge on how to use and produce them, preparing the humans from the past to fight the incoming invasion to earth and save humanity.
I personally love the theme of the game, I am a Transformers fan since I was a Kid and honestly who doesnt love Mechas and fighting robots from space? it was only a matter of time to see a game based on this.
Gameplay Aspects
  • Its a turn based strategy game with RPG elements, the core gameplay Consist on assembling a team of 5 mechas to fight through a tile-based map made of hexagons where each one have a different element attached to it, the game offers a variety of mechas, pilots, equipments to play with, including game elements like weather and commanders.
  • The mechas have over 7 races and 8 elements with different tiers, combined with pilots and thousands of equipments they offer a vast amount of diverse builds and combinations to use when fighting other players.
  • There is a trade marketplace where players can buy and sell different assets and NFT like Mechas, Pilots and Moonbase shards, including gacha and auctions for special items.
  • There are tournaments where the top ranking players can earn prizes, one of those tournaments is the Mech Master World Cup which runs anually with special rewards.
  • One of the unique features of the game is the inclusion of AR technology present in the game, used for taking photos with your mechas in real life
  • There is present a recycling mechanism on the game where you can use 5 pilots-mechs-equipments to obtain 1 limited time mech from the same tier, if you recycle 10 then you will obtain 1 from the next tier. You can also disassemble mech or equipments to obtain resources to further improve other equipments and mechs.
My personal take from the gameplay is that it has a LOT of variety of gameplay factors to play with and 2 NFTs used to play sounds really good, as the game is further developed we will see how those interactions work and how deep the game is played. the majority of NFT games only use 1 kind of NFT to play with so its a plus, using a pilot and a mecha sounds really cool but we have to wait to see how those two interact.
The inclusion of AR technology is a impressive feature for a NFT game, giving further use for the mechas which separates them from the rest of the common crypto NFT games out there.
The anual Mech Master World Cup looks like a really good idea for giving a push to NFTs in the E-sports scene which is severely lacking at the moment.
Token economy
Mech Master Token (MECH) is a ERC-20 governance token based on PolkaFoundry network, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. The total supply is 650 Millions tokens. The main uses are for buying items, upgrading mechas, lands and weapons, entering special events, staking and for the Gacha system.
There is a governance system integrated with the token which consists on locking MECH tokens for a certain duration to vote for new settings and features to be implemented.
NFT collectibles
  • Mecha NFT (ERC-721). Obligatory for playing the game (You need 5 to start playing) they are classified based on a variety of races, tiers and elements.
  • Pilot NFT (ERC-1155). Offers a special ability to use with the mecha to further diversify the gameplay mechanics.
  • Moonbase NFT (ERC-721). Are different pieces of land belonging to only one moon where you can develop your own city with different buildings and facilities.
Having 2 NFT to play with (Mechas and pilots) looks very promising as the majority of NFT games only uses 1 to play, the Moonbase is the Land on this game and is important to have 1 as there is only 1 moon on the entire game so keep it in mind because you could miss out on the land sale!
Non-NFT collectibles Equipment: Used to provide different functions and attributes on Mechas to use when fighting, each mecha has its own slots to use equipments depending on type and sizes.
Having equipments on the mechas as regular items is a good idea, if they were NFT it would be a chaos having to buy different equipments on the marketplace for upgrading mechas.
Game Trailer
I like the concept art from the game, reminds me to Transformers and Gundam, it shows that the game has taking care on their presentation.
Conclusion The game has a good concept to develop, the AR technology sounds really cool and the gameplay looks promising, we will have to wait for more info about the gameplay and a Demo to see the game in action, until then we will have to conclude saying that it is on my NFT radar
Have any questions? want to leave feedback about my articles? feel free to let me know, I appreciate every comment to improve my work.
I will leave the website and their social media if you wanna know more about the project:
Mech Master´s Social Media:
#mecha #gunpla #gamefi #mechmaster #nft #NFTgaming #NFTGames #NFTs #NFTCollectibles #NFTMarketplace #PlayToEarn
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2021.09.22 04:27 R0ckfish Resistance Cruiser - Another tiny ship!

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2021.09.22 04:27 abraxastaxes Anyone else do night-before mise en place for early morning weekday breakfasts? Going to be: toasted steel cut oats

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2021.09.22 04:27 GSWHT Who is the biggest movie star to ever exist?

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2021.09.22 04:27 Ecstatic-Swordfish87 ✅$BNBCash - BNBCash| Let's Build Together! | BNBCash | launched today🚀 | Great Chart!! 🚀 | Low Marketcap!! 🚀

$BNBCash - Let's Build Together!
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.LANCHED to day!! 🚀 Great Chart!! 🚀 | Low Marketcap!! 🚀
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🧐 Do you want to "BNBCash " a Passive Income?
💲 10% BNB Rewards of every transaction, distributed to the holders every 60 minutes.
💲 5% of every transaction into Liquidity Pool.
🧐 Why BNBuilder is different?
💰 Adoption of BNB rewards
💚 Dedicated Team!
⚙️ Actual Use Case!
🎁 10% Giveaway Wallet because we love to give. We will use this wallet to do many GiveAways and built an active and dedicated community. (No tokens will be sold we will only use rewards) (LOCKED)
✅ 10% Marketing & development wallet to fuel our ambitious project to do do major marketing campaigns and develop future options. (No tokens will be sold we will only use rewards) (LOCKED)
⏲ 50% FUTURE PLAN WALLET (Will only be used for growth plans such as CEX listings, token burns, gamification etc.) (LOCKED)
🚀 Contract: 0x8ef16d87314155875b99f9d4cbd159de876e42da
🚀Pancakeswap :
🚀 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.22 04:27 MaliceMoon56 Welcome to the Realm of Vulmeria! (AMA about my games world)

Ask me anything about my world and I'll give you an answer! If I don't have an answer I'll make one, thus developing the world
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2021.09.22 04:27 ViktorLlane Toss your luck! Elon TCM is here.

Elon "The Coin Master" has arrived on OpenSea. Only seven Elon TCM coins exist. These coins will bring good fortune to the holder.
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2021.09.22 04:27 IV_NUKE Orochi is just straight up irritating to fight now

Dodge his kick? Oh guess what you have to read his 20 other undodgeables he can throw. Then he just straight up teleports 40 fking feet to hit you with his top ub
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2021.09.22 04:27 MundanePermission675 Free PSN Codes

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2021.09.22 04:27 TheLoyalOrder [Round 101386][Puzzle] Solve the connecting wall!

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2021.09.22 04:27 WhoTheHKnows I'm going to a consultation for electrolysis.

Should I shave before going?
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2021.09.22 04:27 SimplyChcknNggts Azelf, adding 5 on each, if i add you you’re in, first come first serve

8485 6308 5076
1655 4400 2943
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2021.09.22 04:27 Puzzled-Taste9798 Did I overreact by removing my friend who pretty much ghosted me?

This isn’t necessarily about dating but I will get into how it’s relevant. I (M 21) have been friends with a guy in my fraternity for over a little over a year now. Without going into too much detail I am straight but the two of us experimented twice in july. I was sorta worried that our friendship might tank as a result and I’m pretty much right. Our primary method of communication when we’re not hanging out is Snapchat. He’s on Snapchat more than any other social media platform so I pretty much know when I’m being ghosted. I sent him a snap at around 4 PM on Saturday and saw this morning that he opened it and didn’t respond (we snap everyday). There’s so much more that happened but I don’t want this to be too long, but I’ll answer questions in the comment section. I sensed that it was more than just experimentation for him but I thought there was no way possible he could catch feelings for me. I only experimented because I figured hey why not. My gut tells me he’s been thinking about me a lot and decided to just not talk to me anymore because he doesn’t really want to deal with his feelings or is too embarrassed to tell me how he really feels. It kinda pissed me off so I removed him off Snapchat. Now that hours have passed I feel like I should reach out first and ask if we can meet and talk this out because I want to know what’s going on. What do you all think?
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2021.09.22 04:27 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 04:27 kflapp SpongeBob be like

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2021.09.22 04:27 Formerhuman666 what do I do now?! is it done??

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2021.09.22 04:27 Urfav_hippie At work but I’m smiling anyway😁

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2021.09.22 04:27 dying2live2k2 Discussion with Graveface over the weekend

I met Ryan over the weekend. Really cool guy and very friendly! Seriously one of the most down to earth people I’ve met in the music business. I was buying some things off of him and decided to ask him some BMSR questions to see what kind of info I could get out of him. Dude was more than willing to answer everything. Some of it I don’t think should be discussed publicly on the internet but here are a couple things worth noting:

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2021.09.22 04:27 Lynzrepoli I’m stuck. Finally breaking 7m on brutal CB and can’t beat level 13 spider or Scarab boss on level 10 DT. Best advice for 2 more 60s and team comps? I’m leaning for Godseeker or Reliquary?

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2021.09.22 04:27 conman027 Coat of arms or something idk I don’t listen to sabaton (they’re racist fyi)

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2021.09.22 04:27 crusty_ham_sandwich (Serious) What brings you true joy in life?

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