Waiting on Next Meme Stock YOLO

2021.09.22 05:02 Demi_em Waiting on Next Meme Stock YOLO

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2021.09.22 05:02 SpaceRocket [ME][H] Two Moon Knight lots [W] PayPal

Lot 1 - Moon Knight (Vol. 1) - $90, shipped

Lot 2 - Marc Spector: Moon Knight - $60, shipped
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2021.09.22 05:02 Perfecttimingpodcast THE #PERFECT #MAN SHOW /#WATCH YO TACO #TUESDAY / YOU ARE WHAT YOU #EAT!...

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2021.09.22 05:02 Ok-Significance-3928 c

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2021.09.22 05:02 Florgio Early Fall, me, acrylic on canvas, 2021

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2021.09.22 05:02 Desinori "No, we have Rpk16 at home." Rpk16 at home:

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2021.09.22 05:02 Throwawayokldjsjsjs Anyone experiencing similar symptoms after initial recovery? I’m very worried.

22 year old male. I tested positive for Covid on the 30th of August. As of now, the main symptoms associated with covid have gone away. However, despite it having been almost a month, certain things remain; my left thigh is constantly tensing up and twitching, and the inner part of it is always sore, and hurts to stretch. I get tingling sensations in my hands and feet. My wrists and forearms sometimes start getting shooting pains, and i feel muscles that I didnt even know i had twitching and tensing up, particularly in my head (primarily behind my ears and on the back of my head) and neck.
To make things worse, I have a pretty severe anxiety disorder, and was diagnosed with OCD. A lot or it is centred around my health. I was horrified of getting covid, but also horrified of getting vaccinated from the stories i was seeing in the news. So i tried (and failed) to just avoid getting it. My biggest fear is that the pain in my thigh is a blood clot, or the twitching in my head is a sign of an aneurysm. Has anyone experienced similar residual symptoms after recovering? Is it just all in my head? Should i be worried?
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2021.09.22 05:02 introsort [Hiring] Senior Applied Scientist, Alexa AI - Job ID: 1652120 | Amazon.jobs (Amazon)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Senior Applied Scientist, Alexa AI - Job ID: 1652120 | Amazon.jobs
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2021.09.22 05:02 introsort [Hiring] Cruise (Cruise)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Cruise
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2021.09.22 05:02 Poatif Mr. Boost Crosspost

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2021.09.22 05:02 698cc Tired of hiding under caps - what style do I go for?

I’ve always been incredibly self-conscious of my hair. I usually just wear a cap when I go out but there are some times where I can’t - nightclubs, balls, weddings etc.
My hairline is slightly receded (although not changing as far as I’m aware) and this is the biggest source of my insecurity. I want a haircut that either hides or embraces this. Most haircuts I see online for my sort of hairline are for older guys that I think would look out of place at my college.
Some photos of me and my hair: https://imgur.com/a/6NC3Oy5/
Any advice would be super duper appreciated as I’m hoping to get it cut tomorrow. Thanks!
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2021.09.22 05:02 duckman418 FantasyPros - ROS Power Rankings vs League Analyzer?

Can someone elaborate on what these two different tools on FantasyPros are actually doing?
For example, I am top in the rest of season (ROS) power rankings, but according to the league analyzer, I am projected to finish the season 6-8 with a 25% chance to even make the playoffs. What is the ROS power rankings even based on? The trade analyzer focuses on the impact a trade would make to your power ranking, but I'm starting to not value power ranking at all as I'm 0-2 this season with a mediocre team.
It's pretty strange that the ROS power rankings and the league analyzer could be so different even though they are calculated on the same platform.
Any help is much appreciated!
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2021.09.22 05:02 kevinkaye 💸Vegas💰GoFund😩 230k shrinks to 190k & Goin👉Dasha Kelly facing Eviction 3...

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2021.09.22 05:02 QG_Elys_95 If your name was the name of a video game what would it be about?

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2021.09.22 05:02 DiscombobulatedShoe Dumb Question: Do estimates exist for where the price of SPUT could be if uranium squeezes?

I’ll be honest, I got sucked into WSB mania a little bit and lost some money. But I feel that SPUT is one of the surest investments for the uranium squeeze thesis and am hoping to recoup some losses. However, I have not come across any estimates on how the uranium price is linked to SPUT. If we see a price of $100/lb for U308, does that then mean SPUT would also double from today’s prices?
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2021.09.22 05:02 jrmhng Sole of shoes ripped off

Hi all, I have a cheaper cycling shoe where the sole ripped off. Photo here.
It was purchased from AliExpress and so I know it's not the best quality. The seller refuses to refund and says it is because the shoes were worn in the rain and weren't allowed to dry. Is this believable? Ie is it an issue specific to cheaper shoes or do the more expensive western brands also have the same issue?
The seller also says it's possible to repair. I did get a better pair but I really do like these ones as they are fully reflective and I ride a lot at night / early morning. Is it possible to just stick these back together using specialised shoe glue or would it be dangerous?
Thanks all in advance for reading and answering.
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2021.09.22 05:02 Turkeyoak Epiphone EB-0 Short Scale?

Anybody have any input? I’m obsession over them and am going to try to find one tomorrow.
I’m not worried about a single tone. I have 5 or 6 others. I just want one.
The EB-0, not the 34” EB-3.
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2021.09.22 05:02 Gavinemm My spidey sense is thingling if you know what I e

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2021.09.22 05:02 rzpc0717 Question on Stephen Smith Case

When the case first started getting national attention, I saw an episode of Ashleigh Banfield's show, which is called Banfield. She kept going on about a missing rape kit in the Stephen Smith case. I don't recall hearing or reading anything about a rape kit elsewhere. Was a rape kit actually performed and the results "lost" or not reported?
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2021.09.22 05:02 dckook10 1 Year of progress so far

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2021.09.22 05:02 I-am-Paul Where to find sound packs?

I'm a new circuit user, got mine yesterday and I'm a little lost on where to found downloadable synths and sound packs. Where do you download your sounds?
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2021.09.22 05:02 winecellarvn1 Tổng quan về giống nho Albariño

Tổng quan về giống nho Albariño Tổng quan về giống nho Albariño.
Albariño là một giống nho trắng có vỏ xanh, nguồn gốc từ vùng Galicia thuộc Tây Ban Nha. Nếu bạn yêu thích rượu vang Tây Ban Nha thì không thể bỏ qua những dòng vang được làm từ nho Albariño. Mang đến hương vị phong phú, rượu vang từ giống nho này rất được yêu thích và không thể thiếu trên bàn tiệc của những tín đồ yêu vang. Hãy cùng WINECELLAR.vn khám phá về giống nho Albariño trong bài viết này.
Đôi nét về nho Albariño Hiện nay, các dòng rượu vang được làm từ giống nho Albariño thường có mức giá khá tốt, tầm 15–20$/chai. Đặc biệt, rượu vang từ loại nho này có thời gian lưu trữ tròng hầm khoảng 2 năm nên hương vị cực độc đáo. Giống nho Albariño phân bổ khắp nơi trên thế giới nhưng phổ biến nhất là ở Tây Ban Nha, Bồ Đào Nha và Mỹ.
Albariño có hàm lượng axit cao, phong cách cổ điển nhất là khiêm tốn, thanh lịch, rượu vang có nhiều khoáng chất, có vị mặn tuy nhiên lại rất cân đối. Với những phiên bản hiện đại hơn thường đậm đà, tập trung nhiều vào vị trái cây, hương hoa thơm ngát, ít chua nhưng vẫn dồi dào tính axit.
Mùi hương của rượu vang từ nho Albariño thường là dưa lưới, bưởi. Hương thơm phức hợp của rượu vang từ nho Albariño gọi là “thiols”. Hợp chất “Thiols” thông thường sẽ được tìm thấy trong các loại rượu vang trắng từ những vùng trồng nho có khí hậu lạnh hơn. Điều này tương tự như nho Sauvignon Blanc từ New Zealand và Pháp hay Pinot Grigio của miền bắc nước Ý.

Lịch sử của những trái nho Albariño Nho Albariño có nguồn gốc từ tây bắc bán đảo Iberia nhưng không rõ nằm ở phía bên biên giới nào vì loại nho này được trồng rộng rãi ở cả 2 bên. Albariño là một giống nho cổ mà bố mẹ của nó không được biết đến, nhiều người cho rằng đã tuyệt chủng.
Rias Baixas thuộc Tây Ban Nha loại nho Albariño được trồng phổ biến. Vùng này lại được chia ra thành nhiều tiểu vùng khác nhau với các khí hậu khác nhau nên chất lượng của mỗi trái nho cũng có sự khác biệt. Loại nho này ít phổ biến trước khi xảy ra dịch phylloxera. Bởi vào thời điểm đó, khu vực này chuyên sản xuất các dòng vang đỏ. Ngày nay giống nho Albariño chiếm 85% tổng số nho được trồng ở D.O này và 95% tổng số các giống nho trắng. Do lượng nho Albariño chiếm ưu thế ở Rias Baixas, khi D.O được thành lập năm 1988, tên ban đầu cho khu vực này là Albariño, đây là điều không được phép bởi một vùng D.O không được đặt tên theo giống nho, điều này được quy định bởi luật Tây Ban Nha
…Xem chi tiết: https://winecellar.vn/giong-nho/giong-nho-albarino/
Xem thêm: Rượu vang cao cấp nhập khẩu chính hãng
— -
WINECELLAR.vn — We are masters of wine!
Hotline: 094 669 8008
Hệ thống: Cửa hàng rượu vang trên toàn quốc
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2021.09.22 05:02 LiveYourLife5482 Weaning off

Today i spoke with my doctor about coming off sertraline(50mg) and he said my taper off schedule should be
•take half a pill for two weeks• •take half a pill every other day•
Does this sound too fast? I’ve been on sertraline for 6 months.
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2021.09.22 05:02 wunmic OpusX Power Ranger

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2021.09.22 05:02 Temmiue Kinda forgot about this sub, so take a redesign of Vannessa, also, funfact, Vannessa's age on earth is 8, but in void years she's 286, so your manager is 8 years old :D

Kinda forgot about this sub, so take a redesign of Vannessa, also, funfact, Vannessa's age on earth is 8, but in void years she's 286, so your manager is 8 years old :D submitted by Temmiue to The_LGBTQ_cafe [link] [comments]