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I need help leaving a abusive relationship

2021.11.30 15:08 Ok-Understanding5627 I need help leaving a abusive relationship

The past 2 years has been financially, mentally, emotionally physically violent. I don't have any family and the friends I do have are struggling themselves. I've call shelters and went places for help but I feel like I'm going I circles. I receive SSDI and it's not enough to move. We stay with his mother but I'm homeless. I can't save money and if I hide it he goes looking for it. I hide my ATM cards be he waits until I'm sleep or I the shower and he'll go get my wallet. He's a bully to everyone. His mother 85 can only do or say so much. I'm in southern California if anyone has any suggestions I'm open.he broke my wrist 3 weeks ago, ND even in emergency when getting bandage up I ask for help and the gave me a list of numbers to call still no help. I g t paid o the 3rd and I'm praying for somewhere to go to leave him and his mother's house. Plz help With all the info or pointers anyone may have.
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2021.11.30 15:08 Turbostrider27 Steam: Top Releases of October 2021

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2021.11.30 15:08 barretjd NFL Week 13 Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart (2021): Risers, Fallers, Injury Notes - Values Created with a Value-Based Drafting Excel Model - Roto Street Journal

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2021.11.30 15:08 CozieWeevil Which Predator should I use?

Hey everyone, still somewhat new to this game but I've finally figured out my preferred Predator playstyle but I don't know which Predator I should choose. I already own and use the Viking as I like to harass the fireteam from the trees with a blaster then get on the ground and finish them off whilst they are weakened or disorganized and panicked. I want to get another Predator while the DLC is on sale so which should I buy?
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2021.11.30 15:08 Upper_Description378 Nuevo Vallarta Mexico Relaxing Sunset Waves Crashing on Beach

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2021.11.30 15:08 terrencebarrett702 I am Pickle Rick from the hyperpoopdaily memes. I'm in slaywrld.

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2021.11.30 15:08 Appa_Juse So, I picked up drawing about 2 weeks ago, and this is my first ever colored drawing. The goal is for me to eventually draw the axe when it's fully upgraded (and I know this doesn't have the pattern on the blade or the grip or the pommel right, but i like it for a first attempt)

So, I picked up drawing about 2 weeks ago, and this is my first ever colored drawing. The goal is for me to eventually draw the axe when it's fully upgraded (and I know this doesn't have the pattern on the blade or the grip or the pommel right, but i like it for a first attempt) submitted by Appa_Juse to GodofWar [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 15:08 Liamstar7 "Mam can we get Seer" "We have Seer at home" Seer at home :

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2021.11.30 15:08 Laurianne_transfem Should I start a r/transQC subreddit, cuz it's a nightmare getting information on the matter over here?

If your interested in participating because you live in the province and you to find it hard to get informed you can leave it in the comment.
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2021.11.30 15:08 assagitaz DJ Burlak & Bo Yan - Do Something (Re Rub Mix) [LW Recordings]

Publisher: LW Recordings
Out Date: 2021-11-26
Quality: MP3 12.31 Mb / AIFF 54.18 Mb
Genre: Tech House
DJ Burlak & Bo Yan - Do Something (Re Rub Mix) / (Key Cm, BPM 124, Length 5:07)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=510525
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2021.11.30 15:08 DiBenevento The Earth Experiment: The Creator's Fingerprint in Galactic Worlds of the Fibonacci Sequence

Ten years ago I opened a frosted glass window in my bathroom around 01:00 AM only to see a singular leaf on a tree that was moving erratically in the night, when the rest of the leaves on that tree were dead still. Strange to see, but most troubling for me is, why would I peek through a window so late in the night unless I was meant to do that so I see this odd occurrence? And if so, by whom?
By default we all assume our world makes sense. Except for some glitches and other paranormal occurrences, which the more closed minded people brush aside as nonsense, we generally assume our world makes sense. The first indication that it might not really make sense after all is the weird events or coincidences that occur to most of us e.g. what I just described, or you think of someone and they call, or you see the same rare thing from two different sources (people, tv programs or movies etc) one after the other, or maybe you visualise and practice some form of prayer, belief or manifestation, and it works and you begin to wonder if you have influenced reality. If so, then reality is formless and can be altered by actions such as peeking through a window at night, or through prayer, meaning it must exist in several possible forms and through prayer you have influenced it to take one form. That makes reality multiple, and it might explain "manifestation". But, what if reality doesn't actually make sense? See, if you look at the world, often it seems crazy. Small things, except in quantum physics, might make some kind of technical sense, but a lot of the broader goings on really seem crazy.
What if, in a very literal sense, reality is manifested not at the level of physical or logical sense, at least not exclusively, but that some changes happen unexpectedly e.g. through manifestation from conscious choices, competing wishes or answered prayers, and reality then does its best to make that fit for greater life to go on as best it can? What if consciousness is primary and reality is where there are zones of coherence between different consciousnesses, but there are some inconsistencies in the story/picture due to different individuals influencing reality through prayers or manifestations, and in those parts reality just does its best? What if reality is something that all of us are creating by our consciousness? What if reality is inherently unrealistic? What if it is just an imperfect manifestation due to so many demands on it? What if the reason we say "if this were a story you wouldn't believe it", is because stories have to be plausible, yet reality has no such restriction, and is implausible? What if we are just the manifested options of multiple possible realities? What if we are connected to several manifestations of multiple realities?
I have always believed unusual occurrences that happen to me seem controlled and engineered; like I am under observation for learning, experiment or experience purposes. The lack of large side or after effects or changes caused by these very small morphings of reality appears to suggest I am in a controlled system. The lack of butterfly effects in my life on these unusual changes to my past or present is a huge clue here. In chaos theory, butterfly effects refers to how small changes in a system can result in larger changes or effects later on within that system. The lack of butterfly effects to what has happened or is happening to me suggests an engineered and controlled reality is happening, where these effects are meshed out, and I think suggesting reality is a simulation is a sound theory based on this premise. It seems to me like we are in hypersleep or are experiencing a simulation. That this is only happening to some of us and not everyone confirms the experimental nature of this reality, where some of us are test subjects, others are in the control group, and others are not part of the experiment at all.
Time is relative so even though years may seem to pass here, in the base reality it could just be a seemingly long dream but in no instance is material time passing. I find the world of quantum physics exciting and perplexing, essentially the base code encryption of what reality does or how it behaves at quantum level, defying known Newtonian physics, even in macrorealism. However, mathematical beauty surrounds us all generated by the most sophisticated of natural ratios and algorithms. For example, God's fingerprint is in the Fibonacci Sequence, the golden ratio. The sequence is embedded in all natural things and this is the marker of a simulation, in my opinion, as all things i.e. animals, plants, buildings, eggs, planetary systems, nebulae are all evidence of the natural occurrences of the Fibonacci sequence, God's finger print. In spiral galaxies, the sequence is demonstrated by dynamic tension from free will forces, and in galaxies without free will as a law or core rule, ellipticism or elliptical galaxies are the result. With out without free will, the Creator's Fingerprint or signature is observed in both forms of galaxies - spiralling or elliptical galaxies.
I have been very ill for over four decades, but have survived somehow. To my mind, what has happened to me is not a random thing. It is planned, controlled and engineered, and I am either being observed or carrying out a programmed course or mission, as I should have died many, many years ago when I was young, and what I have survived just these lat four days from 26th November to 30th Nov, today, was more than enough to make a less persevering person die a thousand times over.
That aside, since LOO or TRM smashed into my life, there has been a welcome recent leap from mundane reality to experiencing the real reality. All started almost five years ago when I started researching on the Creator, religion, spirituality, creation, existence and many other aspects of reality. But that is when everything came crashing down around me. Extreme reality distortions and shifts, hauntings, trances, dimensional travels, encounters with inner and multidimensional beings etc. were all extrapolated in my life by several factors and jumps, that they could no longer be ignored, even if I had had them all my life. It seems to me what is happening to me has at least a little intelligence to it as the sequence of events that led to where I am is unlikely to have been random or unplanned. It was all planned and schemed out. It is programmed.
Looking at everyone going through what I am going through, it appears to me that characters without really a common trait or characteristic e.g. the main character or moral influencers of others in society, general trend setters, selves who are used to influencing people, decisions or things, are being tested with small doses of their reality changing, especially their pasts, to see what they will do and how they will influence the current reality with the knowledge that reality is malleable and not as stable as we all thought. The mix appears random or cosmopolitan. This idea of reality programing does not really line up with matrix theory i.e the most influential people in the world, people who make trends, run businesses, influence lives etc. are actually being tested with reality shifts and are being tested by the reality operators. Everyone is being tested or analysed but at different times, and even in different places or galaxies where free will is present or not.
This existence is not real. It is an experiment to check how much vulnerable we are not only to other people, but also to reality shifts. Our observers, between the 7th and 8th dimension, change the reality in any way they want, anytime they want. They want to see if we are easily manipulated by other people that claim to not see retroactive continuities, to see how we will relate with them by not allowing our family, followers and friends to experience these changes, so it is clear how far our influence goes to affect others with stories of unusual occurrences or the expression of esoteric views about life, time and reality, although once in a while, an acquaintance in our social circles wakes up to our real reality, whether or not they do so by being directly influenced by us or by the up coming of their own number. But the reality changes are done to our pasts and present in an engineered and controlled way, resulting in no butterfly effects, and therefore going unobserved by the control group and and maintaining an internal environmental consistency or causal/effect status quo.
Those of us with chronic pain, hauntings from inner and outer plane beings, abilities to trance which we cannot control etc are part of an experience to see how much we can take, at being so different from the rest. The problem lies in the fundamental way that our society was built. That in order to survive as a species, we must destroy the planet in the process. This is the very way our society operates at the most fundamental level. To advance humanity, you must test or destroy the gifted humans after having gifted them so the rest can survive in an improved environment of greater knowledge. And that is what is happening to us, to improve the reality experience, some of us must be tested or sacrificed for the greater good of the experience. This is the "Earth Experiment".
Most of us facing physical or psychological challenges crave spiritual abundance deep in our souls. We are facing an overriding or overwriting or rewriting of our memory to match the current timeline, which would propagate out in a wave from the event's occurrence outward orthogonally through existence but leave us 'stranded' in an altered reality, but with the same level of influence or control as in the previous reality. So you ask me as a business owner what I have observed since I started going through this. A lot, but in recent times, everything feels off, and people are acting very strangely. I cannot place my finger on it but you can just tell people's behaviours are odd, that even if earth is now said to be in fourth density, man seems to have moved backwards towards second density, even if it is said by both people and entities channelling through various instruments that the number of people awakening each day is rising, raising the overall vibration of the Earth, and making the human race more prepared for ascension, whenever that is (an experiment with a bonus plan, that's a first). Even people I have known for years are not how I remember them to be. Social disorders just seem worse than ever, and yet, every channel says we are awakening. But I see things in a rather different, or more neutral way - not with scepticism or pessimism, but with grounded reality from the confines of my room in which I scour the world, traversing countries to see what is happening. Truthfully, the results suggest, despite what everyone is saying, the cumulative effect of our social interactions has resulted in a shittier society. I think the "reality operators" might be really starting to pick up on how people attached to an inverted social narrative are beginning to become emotionless, robot-like and are looking into that, as I see almost something akin to the KT-Boundary event (or hail the dinosaurs/Batistina) when accessing the Akashic Records, most likely with the intention to change that. My January 2018 trance is an illustration of how reality operators can manipulate the 4th dimension. When people are that bought into a fear-based narrative as propagated by a one time "most powerful orange clown in the world", they lose their sense of individuality, which is not the same as separation from the oneness of our unity in divinity. People embrace becoming a cog in a false machine, repeating daily routines and we have to work with that whilst ensuring this does not defeat the sine-qua-none or goal of the "Earth experiment". 16, different entity sources or civilisations, infinite dimensions and sub-densities, 7 inner planes, 7 Devachanic planes, 3,000 religions no planetary neighbour that supports life so we are rooted to this very rock "until kingdom come", and, get this, disincarnate entities writing books like Oahpse, and inner plane entities, following up with Confederation- disregarded Urantia papers! Wow!
My nature, trances and especially dimensional travels, give me a sneak peek behind the veil of this reality. What is weird is how "physical" this veil is. It is seriously a lot more like a physical blanket than I would have ever thought. Imagine our sober reality being embedded within a hyper-dimensional, dream-like superset of our reality where the consciousnesses "outside" of our lower-dimensional "slices" are able to interact with our reality in ways that, to us, still follow the causal chain and maintain internal consistency, but from a higher-dimensional perspective, you can see how things are being manipulated in the sneakiest of ways.
From where do these dimensional controlling beings get their wiggle-room then? That is, because we observe that things still continue to operate internally consistently and causality is left intact, how can they be doing anything that is not already what would have to be the case, extrapolating forward from the initial conditions, when ascension is said to be happening and "let those who have eyes see" because maybe my standards are higher than those of higher density entities who are proclaiming a rise in vibration. For example, let's take the Schumann Resonance. Apart from September 11, 2001 and December 26, 2004, and the false alarm in Hawaii in 2018, why is it not showing believable and consistent spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum of resonances generated and excited by energy discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere? Maybe the wiggle-room for Earth's guardian's comes from the fact that, for example, when you are looking forward and you do not have any mirrors you could use to see behind you, and there are no ways of knowing what is going on behind you, and nobody else is looking behind you, etc., then there is plenty of wiggle-room to adjust how things occur behind you. To an extent though - if you are super-familiar with what is behind you because it is the house in which you have been living for years, then there is much less wiggle-room. But imagine everytime you have been in a situation where you are unfamiliar with your surroundings and, given that our vision is not 360 degrees, you cannot comprehend the totality of what is going on in any given moment - in these situations, there is a lot of wiggle-room. Our pasts are thus altered either directly, or by implants of memories of 32-day and 33-day months in world calendars or kidnappings of three year olds that people say never existed or happened, respectively, in this reality, when as sure as the Creator itself, they did, either here or in another reality. Or at least to me!
Reality is a fractal, and it is covered in a veil, with dimensions from 4th to 12th. I have seen up to 9th, but here I speak of the 4th and 5th dimensions only. Behind this veil of reality there is a lot happening. The dimensional operators are unbelievably skilled at creating nexus points. Nexus points can involve objects as well as people (which, from one point of view, are just the physical objects within which consciousnesses are embedded), and the most bizarre thing about witnessing these nexus points firsthand (for me) is how flawlessly they time everything. Spatial coordinates, velocities, of what each consciousness is aware and of what they could be potentially be aware, and time itself - all of these factors are considered thoroughly when it comes to creating nexus points.
But I digress. What I do want to say is that the "veil of reality" is very, very real, and reality is not, and although the word "veil" is indeed a metaphor for something more subtle than our words can convey, the metaphor of a "veil" is still shockingly accurate, even with many of the "physical" connotations that accompany that word. I am thus beginning to abandon all people-pleasing tendencies, and adopting unconditional-loving dispositions, as the first prevent me from being authentic, and the second is not a hedge against bets should our beliefs here be true; it just makes the most sense to do that as we all want others go do to or for us how we would do to or for them. I am learning to wear the emotions that I am truly feeling, rather than faking anything, and this is reflected in how I lovingly but bluntly talk to people, be they family, colleagues, clients or other. At first I cared that no one could see that what is happening is oxymoronic to ascension. But now I feel a huge compassion for all these people who can't see what is actually happening, at least as I see it in trance or reality, global world political, health snd economic news notwithstanding. These people are still one of me or are me. But their mind is confused, their heart is forgotten, their presence is lost.
We need a collective heartbreak, and then a massive collective hug, to accept we have been lied to about the nature of reality, and to accept that, while seeking the truth or the Creator, we have forgotten that we are an aspect of the Creator, are the Creator, an aspect of the infinite all-knowing, and we are here to love, regardless of how screwed up this earth experiment has become. Once we find love, we find who we really are. That, to me, seems to be the point of this life. And if it isn't, it should then be.
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2021.11.30 15:08 -en- @Reuters: The Omicron variant has panicked markets, but John Stoltzfus of Oppenheimer Asset Management tells @Reuters that pharmaceutical companies are well positioned to adapt https://t.co/XrDrnayKJh

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2021.11.30 15:08 HighAsAGiraffesPussy Post Patch Tier List

What is everyone's rankings?
I imagine HRE and Dehli are towards the bottom with the Abbasids.
Mainly where does China lie in 1v1 tier list?
Did the French and Mongols take a hit with the spearman buffs?
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2021.11.30 15:08 Collectorius9292 BRUH

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2021.11.30 15:08 Training_Comfort_430 Prolactin level?

My recent lab was 14.25 ng/ ml is this high or is it good
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2021.11.30 15:08 BoyHeadache What’s the one reference you make that nobody ever gets?

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2021.11.30 15:08 themainco In general, What should I expect on my first day of remote work?

I am starting a new job soon, and it will be work from home until further notice. I have not spoken with the hiring manager since the interview. But I have been communicating with the recruiter, he sent me the documents to fill and sign, in regard to company's culture, benefits, payroll banking information, etc.
Just now, I received a laptop with my username and password. I did not receive further instructions on how to set up.
Sorry, I have been unemployed for over a year and this is the first time that I work remotely. Should I just wait until the start date?
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2021.11.30 15:08 SlainSigney All the custom minifigs I have in my castle!

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2021.11.30 15:08 FADIKALIL مصر تكشف عن طائرة بدون طيار جديدة محلية الصنع من طراز “طيبة 30”

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2021.11.30 15:08 1337_h4x0r_pwnz My Cactus started identifying as a he/him/his

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2021.11.30 15:08 HeDoesLookLikeABitch Why can't we teach theories in school?

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2021.11.30 15:08 Worth_Wolverine_9008 institutionalization feelings even for mental disorders?

wether you went in for a prison sentence or for a mental health stay any time spent in "the system" can be a terrifying experience. Doing something wrong and imagining yourself below social grace is a truly traumatic experience. Being told you must take X...or being given that impression. Being told you must be searched. Being told you must obey. Especially for the paranoid and hurt, these are terrible experiences. Experiences that might cause panic, and when you get out you feel like you will be sucked back in. You might think everyone is talking about you. People might be talking about you. You might feel like a project that everyone is trying to fix. What happened to you? How are you going to get you back? When can you feel free again?
Most people, doctors, families, friends, staff, most people want you to feel free again. Most don't want you to carry a heavy burden of guilt and shame that you are imperfect. But there are always those who are scared, and who will not respond kindly to your deep need for a return to social grace. Shrug them off.
If you are experiencing a life where you feel like a prisoner, or an ex prisoner even because of a mental health stay I hope it gets better and I respect your claim to your own life, your own happiness, and your own sense of self worth.
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2021.11.30 15:08 DICKIEE_D Win a S'well Wine Chiller + Tumbler Set from James Robert Webb + $150 Amazon Gift Card + Autographed Photo + Fan Pack!! {US}{CA} No QC. (01/11/22)

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2021.11.30 15:08 rosesmith33690 Please Help! Thanks a lot!!!!

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2021.11.30 15:08 ashokwenyan Since the FED meeting in June, Powell has been blowing the whistle of tapering soon without doing anything.Today again during his testimony before the Senate, he again talked about discussing speeding up tapering in the December meeting of FED -Gold got hammered by 40 dollars and Silver by 60 cents

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