does adding a dong to a short barreled ak make it a SBR or an Any Other Weapon?

2022.01.16 19:17 sexylizardbrain does adding a dong to a short barreled ak make it a SBR or an Any Other Weapon?

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2022.01.16 19:17 MrCheesefood Quarantine edc 100% whiskey positive

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2022.01.16 19:17 meglove1 What are your favorite healthy snacks?

18w2, hungry all the time! I swear I have to eat something every 1-2 hrs. I’ve been craving sweets, so the idea of something like carrots and hummus just isn’t super appealing to me. I’ve been enjoying fruit with whipped cream, granola bars, anything with peanut butter, trail mix, I found frozen muffins at Target made with veggies, smoothies if I’m not freezing 😂. What are your favorite healthy snacks?!
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2022.01.16 19:17 The_comman_film_guy How Michael would die in my predictions

I think he would die pretty easy now after his beat down and burning I think that Laurie and Michael would face of in the final scenes with a big boom with Laurie going down with him
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2022.01.16 19:17 AvailableSlide7561 Any other books Like "The Waves" by Virginia Woolf?

Im looking for a book or writing style similar to "The Waves" by Virginia Woolf. The writing style is very abstract and poetic. I know she has other novels but Ive only read "Orlando" and skimmed "To The Lighthouse", but in my opinion neither capture that dreamlike quality that exists within "The Waves". I love older books but any author that reminds you of what Im looking for will do. Thanks
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2022.01.16 19:17 Green-Acanthaceae791 does anyone some spicy tech for prank kids?

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2022.01.16 19:17 JB5223 Mycelium is fighting back!

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2022.01.16 19:17 bullcityblue312 Do you think there should be additional pandemic relief or "stimulus" for people and/or businesses because of omicron?

Apparently it's being talked about:
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2022.01.16 19:17 somerandomIceloli99 we do a little bit of lagging

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2022.01.16 19:17 Jhhenson Bacon

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2022.01.16 19:17 Photura Stuck on a highway, eastern US, aliens or government choose people and stick them in a acre? sized box to further humanity

I, 25M, read this maybe three years ago, age appropriate I think, if anyone tried to leave the box the national guard? Would shoot them and I think the eastern us was a highway in Virginia. I’m sorry I don’t have more information my brain is fuzzy on other details
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2022.01.16 19:17 Tomii-Le-Chan tried to draw Jon and Garfield in "Jon" comic strip art style

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2022.01.16 19:17 tittania79 Udderly beautiful 😋

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2022.01.16 19:17 supdonkey My buddy and I after someone calls us shrewd

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2022.01.16 19:17 TheDrunkenLover Existential Movies with Friends

Looking for films that explore existential or reflective themes, about friends discussing past, future, life and death.
“The Big Chill” is kind of an example of this.
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2022.01.16 19:17 Emma_37 Storage shed is missing 😐😐

Hi!:) I just restarted my game a few months ago and can’t find either storage shed in my nook stop :( . I fully paid off all my loans yesterday but the only thing I got was an abd. Anyone know how to find it?
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2022.01.16 19:17 lemm0nbalm4 What are your experiences with a binding spell?

I was wondering what are your experiences with any type of binding spells?
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2022.01.16 19:17 5botagain [NA] ADC player LF support. Voice comms preferred

Looking for a support player to duo with! Currently gold 1 looking to push into plat and beyond. Prefer voice comms as it's a big part of the fun and makes it way easier to coordinate
IGN: Slick as Gaston
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2022.01.16 19:17 BeenTheJelly Mleeem

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2022.01.16 19:17 DrammaLamma Pint with ~920 miles price check.

~930 miles. Original tire. Og charger. Hyper charger.
What ya guys think it's worth?
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2022.01.16 19:17 AgenteBinario Which Visual Novel are you playing right now?

I played Toradora on PPSSPP but I feel tired... so I'm looking for a good VN to play. Playing Island Diary on kirikiroid2 is cool.
Which Visual Novel are you playing right now?
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2022.01.16 19:17 0UTCH3A VeVe NFTs, Market Buys you're still not too late for. Veil: Specimen, Kraven Comics

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2022.01.16 19:17 gutterwitch What am I doing wrong? Why are my San Pedros so ugly?

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2022.01.16 19:17 Revolution_xx [USA-TX] [H] Paypal, Local Cash [W] Yuel Beast motif monument

Please comment and then pm thanks.
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