Ultra geil mit ihrem fetten arsch mit FAKECHECK

2022.01.16 19:31 RhodesToGlory Ultra geil mit ihrem fetten arsch mit FAKECHECK

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2022.01.16 19:31 New_Year_Baby [THANK YOU] Happy New Year 🥂

Thank you to all those wonderful people who went out of their way to send me New Year Cards! Just know that you put the biggest smile on my face and made my holiday so much brighter! I appreciate you all
u/Monetmonkey what a gorgeous envelope! Love the winter washi, animal stamps and your monkey return label, wow! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! The card is so pretty I love that wintery scene! I love how you adapted the inside of the card with washi and stickers. Thank you for the New Year wishes!
u/dwrfstr AAAAAAA where did you find that amazing New Year card!?! It is perfect! I love it! The washi on the envelope is so festive too <3 Thank you for your New Year wishes they are spot on! And also tea and extras!
u/suzilla10 x 2 OH MY!!!! Let’s start with the amazing blue envelope with the snowflakes and awesome stamps! And the card, WOW! Thank you for handmaking this absolutely gorgeous New Year card! Oh how it made me smile! It is perfect! <3 Thank you for New Year wishes and making this special card for me! I love it.
u/XxturtlepantsxX WOW where did you find that card! I loooove it, it captures the New year mood 100%! Thank you so much!
u/vampite WOW. I love that absolutely amazing and thoughtful handmade New Year card! It is gorgeous and I love it! Thank youuuu! Thank you for the amazing New Year Wishes and stickers and washi sample!
u/slowpostal x 2 thank you for the lovely sparkly holiday card and the vintage New Year card! The vintage card is awesome! You are right, it is perfect! Thank you for the lovely New Year wishes!
u/LeeElla love the washi decorated envelope ad the fun stamps! Thank you for this special card, I love it. Thanks for sharing your family tradition, sounds lovely. Happy Holidays to you!
u/56Thorns thank you for your lovely card! I love how you wrote Happy New Year everywhere on the envelope! Love it! Sadly, not much snow here either. Thank you for the lovely New Year wishes, gift tag and the lovely snowflake.
u/DPClamavi ooooh how I love that bonne année card you made! It is gorgeous. And the mittens are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing your traditions and I am sorry you won’t be able to do all this year and enjoy (I might have wished in the Christmas or new year card to you to enjoy all the food. Ooops, I am sorry!). I also absolutely love the stamps, the design is so unique and lovely! Thank you and have a Happy New Year too! Also, I love your return label design!
u/wabisabi_sf thank you for the cute purple card! It is so simple and gorgeous. Thank you for your lovely wishes and your kind words. I enjoyed your cards all year long and enjoyed sending you cards as well! Your dog with purple flowers return label is so cute! I love your cute winter animal stamps!
u/pullingback x 4 Aaaaah that New Year Card! I love it and I love how snowy it is!! Thank you so much for the lovely wishes and the extra cute postcards! Happy New Year!
u/stephkempf it is amazing card and pretty too! Thank you for the new year wishes!
u/fieldofcabins thank you for the New Year wishes and sharing your favourite holidays foods! So yummy! I love the sparkly card and the decorations on the envelope and the sparkly stars inside the envelope! Happy Holidays! Thanks for stickers!
u/Findrane thank you for your card with lovely snowy stamps! I love all the confetti and the stickers and the heart inside the card! It was fun to open it! Thank you for the lovely new year wishes and your congrats with the job! It’s so thoughtful of you! Happy Holidays!
u/iheartcitrus thank you for the awesome New Year card! I loooove the winter wonderland feel with it! All the blue and all the snowflakes confetti! Happy New Year! Also I enjoyd looking at the Kwanza and Hanukkah stamps! They are less used, so I don’t think I’ve seen those particular ones before! They are nice!
u/luxsloth WOW!!! That card and envelope are something special <3 I love the stamp you use, and the washi, your address stamp and my address are so lovely decorated! The card is absolutely amazing!!! I love how it says Happy new year and “joy”, “love”, “hope” on the houses! And thank you for the goodies! The coffee tea is so on point, you know me, haha! And delicious delicious chocolate, it was so sweet of you! Thank you for the wonderful wishes. You are so thoughtful, I absolutely love it. Wish you a great 2022 too! Oh, and I love Thank you Canada Post sticker with their truck!
u/MildYuzu x 2 what an amazing New year card!!! Thank you! I love your bear drawing <3 Thank you for the black flavoured tea! I haven’t tried it before so it was nice to give it a try. The apple one was nice, I enjoyed the aroma. Haven’t tried the vanilla yet! Your handwriting is absolutely gorgeous and I love your wishes! Thank you so much! And thank you for the card you’ve included, it is so cute! You are very very talented! Also, I forgot, the stamps! The 3d t rex stamp is soooo cool! And I love the wax seal!
u/amyt13 WOOOW! Where did you even find that card, it is so perfect!!! I love it soooo much! And your lovely wishes made me smile! I definitely hope to do things from my to do list! I have some hopes for this year! Thank you for chocolate, tea you’ve included. You really made me smile, you are amazing! <3 Thank you!!! And all the decorative stickers and washi are so nice! It is a very festive envelope ! The stamps are so cool too! I love the starfish one and the one with the ship!
u/bluedecemberart you are so sweet!! I am so excited you found this card for me too. And it is so thoughtful too! The card is absolutely amazing, I love it and the penguins are so cute! Thank you for the warm wishes, adorable penguin stickers and for thinking of me. Thank you! Oh and I love “happy new year” stamp on the envelope !
u/nutriyum this is a perfect snowy New Year postcard! I really love it, you picked the perfect one for me! It has such a wintery cozy feel. Thank you so much! Thank you for the adorable washi samples too! Ohm and the washi on the envelope is so cute, I love how it sparkles! I love the winery stamp with the houses you used too. Thank you again!
u/zennet wow, hahaha, the resolutions are meant to be broken new year card is so awesome! It made me laugh! I probably broke some of my resolutions already :-D Thank you so much for the wishes!
u/Gimmiegnomes thank you so much for your amazing and cute happy new year handmade card!! That’s so sweet of you! Hope you have a lovely 2022 as well!
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2022.01.16 19:31 MyDickHurtsImOnDrugs Substance Soaked I Awoke: Episode II - Live Fast, Hard, and Dangerous

I I went braindead off the copaganda.
I've got pain meds in the pockets, and I
Stopped, dropped, and rolled a joint. Made points
I'm gonna keep on screaming til I've lost my voice
II I've got 6 distros on my disk drive
Having kernel panic attacks reliving the day that what.cd died
Why keep hope high as I try to be?
I'm looking at the sky and screaming why do my nerves lie to me?
III Old and out of tune, yeah the Patent's Pending
Sold my doubt to two sour patch kids
Blending psychedelics with the vicodin
Hell it's now or never, pull the fucking lever, click (Fuck)
IV Emotional endeavours of the reckless kind
Mind blown post mortem
Most people will run away from fires, but I'm still running towards em
Poured a fourth of faking confidence and shot a bag of hope
All these rivers I've waded have helped me grow
V Like flower up in Mississippi
Or when it hits the scale on exit fucking 50
Off the LIE at 3am
or any time in Wyandanch
There's kinds to find up the L and fucking I
They're far behind
We built a fucking bridge just to keep the poor
Out of sight and out of mind
VI With ease minorities are marginalized
We've been kicking em down for centuries and wonder why they can't get up
I popped the bubble and fell to the fucking rubble
I've seen both sides of drugs and money thanks to my mother
VII Fucking taint is killing me
Amex you ain't getting a bill from me
You can't collect on my broke ass
The disability is in my head
Is what I said before I came to, hair stained red
On pavement. Far away from folks
In pain that words just can't describe
VIII Unlucky that I'm still alive
But I've been lying bleeding in a pile of broken mirrors
Under ladders while I breathe intoxicants
Into the darkness we go tapdancing on our own graves
Living fast, hard, and dangerous like my mother used to say
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2022.01.16 19:31 ImSadGu- What are some things to drastacly make you a better artist? Tips, things to do, thoughts?

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2022.01.16 19:31 Positive-Touch3345 I'm looking for a sugar baby to spoil with money, I will pay $800 weekly allowance. Let me know if you are interested?

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2022.01.16 19:31 ZoolShop Trump's Arizona Speech Proves His Shock Comic Act Has Jumped the Shark

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2022.01.16 19:31 StarSonatasnClouds Brand? Year?: I’d like to find this coat and purse my grandmother wore. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Ty

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2022.01.16 19:31 Jm4001 Otherworld Warriors and the last LVE mission finally over

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2022.01.16 19:31 BothAd8338 What should I build in my Minecraft City?

I am looking for suggestions on what to build next in my city.
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2022.01.16 19:31 pocklepickle45 Anyone feel bad for wanting to leave association?

Anyone else wanna leave their stylist association ?? cuz getting the suits takes long but i feel kinda mean leaving the others behind cuz in my association theres only a few active ppl who get the sand stuff but id just feel bad for leaving oh i suck at typing sentences
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2022.01.16 19:31 namakius Do you think I could use my MacBook pro as my second streaming PC?

Basically, do you think I could take the games from my windows PC and then use my M1 MacBook pro to run the OBS software?
Not sure how capable a Mac is at that stuff so curious if anyone else has used one like this before. I don't really need the two PC setup, but was thinking it may help with the recording of the stream etc.
Windows PC specs

Mac Laptop specs
*P.S. If can case anyone thinks I bought stuff just for streaming... My devices were not purchased with the intention to stream or use for streaming. Just started streaming recently because I happened to have capable devices and it seemed like fun. *
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2022.01.16 19:31 ConnieM3 Cerco persone che sappiano danzare

Persone musicali nello spirito con il senso del ritmo
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2022.01.16 19:31 Similar-Change-631 Is there any Diesel Mechanic shop that I could work for NYPD? If so, where is the location? And how to apply?

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2022.01.16 19:31 Valuable-Meringue588 Running a giveaway in our discord!!! Make sure to join for info all links can be found on Twitter :@ PotPeopleNFT MUST BE IN DISCORD TO ENTER!

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2022.01.16 19:31 Dry_War_3589 Tactical Slayer.... The WORST spawn I have even seen.... Bonus points for the laggy guy haha.

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2022.01.16 19:31 LeeCloud27 Touhou: COYA (Part 40)

"Yes, I definitely remember what we are doing." You say. "We're going to be learning some basic medical procedures."
"Correct." Reisen said. "Glad to see you remember. Alright then, we'll be going over to Misty Lake so make sure you bring something to write stuff down with."
Misty Lake... You remember that being one of the places that was marked on your map. You went and pulled it out to look at it.
As Reisen went and grabbed a bunch of supplies with her, you went over with a smile.
"I have a better idea." You say, grabbing Reisen's hand.
"Wait, what are you-AHHH!!!" You and Reisen fell into a gap portal.
Moments later, the two of you land onto the soft ground next to the shore of a lake. The area felt a bit cold but not too cold. There were trees surrounding the area and there is a sight of a Mansion on the other side of the lake.
You landed on your feet since you're used to moving around with these gap portals by now, Reisen on the other hand landed face first into the ground.
You went and pulled her out, she shook off some of the dirt and mud that was on her face and then looked at you with a mad expression. "Geez! Warn me next time!" She said.
"Sorry..." You say.
"Wait... How did you do that anyway? The only person I know of that can create portals is Yukari." Reisen said.
"Um... It's a bit of a long story..."
You went and explained to her how the map works, and how it was given to you by Yukari the moment you arrived here in Gensokyo.
"I see... Still, to think she would give you an ability like that." Reisen said. "At least I now know... Hopefully you don't use it for any mischief, I know Tewi would if she ever got her hands on something like that."
"That's something I think we can all agree on." You say. "Anyways, why did you want to go to Misty Lake in the first place?"
"Oh that? It's because we're going to learn CPR Training." Reisen said.
"CPR?" You ask. While you are aware of what CPR is, you're a bit confused as to why you would need to be at a lake. "But why here of all places?"
"Because it's important to know how to respond to someone who requires CPR in various situations. For example, if someone were to drown in a lake, you would need to remove the water out of their lungs first so that you can do anything else. It's especially important to be able to do CPR no matter your environment, be it in a building, a thunderstorm, or even by a large source of water." Reisen said.
"Okay... So are we going to use a test dummy for this?" You ask.
Reisen smiled with a laugh. "Of course not! As my Master taught me once, its that the best experience one can gain is in a real-life situation!"
You have a bad feeling about this. "Okay... So are we going to take turns being saved?"
"Not that either!" Reisen said.
"Then what?" You ask.
Reisen pointed over the lake. You look over to see a bunch of figures flying over it.
Upon focusing your vision, you see that a few of them are sporting wings and such. One in particular had icy blue wings with a blue dress and ribbon that matched. They look quite young and seem to be playing some kind of game.
"Oh, so the point is that we're like lifeguards! We just stand and wait until something happens right!?" You say, believing your answer is correct.
As you look back at Reisen, you notice that she is holding a sniper rifle and is aiming at the group.
"So close Fargo... You were so close." Reisen said.
"Um... Why do you have a sniper rifle?" You ask, feeling worried.
"Oh this? It's actually a modified Tranquilizer Gun Master made for me. It's useful for shooting down patients when they're trying to avoid getting their flu shots."
You feel a bit concerned about what she said there
Just as you wanted to speak again, Reisen fired her shot.
Up in the sky, you hear the sound of someone yelping in pain, and then shortly falling down into the lake with a big splash.
What do you do?
View Poll
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2022.01.16 19:31 Throwawayniceguys Daily Suzu #611: Stubborn Tiny Lights vs. Clustering Darkness Forever, OK?

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2022.01.16 19:31 BrandonIsWhoIAm What is Your Least Favourite Question That’s Asked to the Designers?

I’ll start: Where is she going?
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2022.01.16 19:31 d3athsdoor1 Ancient Egypt as seen by the gods

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2022.01.16 19:31 Hibanahentai I’m trying to get rid of this, not my style, shoot me offers

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2022.01.16 19:31 Objective_Variation7 Join the PS4 Regs 24hr Discord Server! Year 1 week 10 teams available Jets Colts Cowboys Broncos

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2022.01.16 19:31 francoberney No shell run new game+

So I started new game + and I just realized that I never tried a no shell run . I was wondering if there’s away To go back to regular game to do it? Because it’s gonna suck ass to do it in new game + since it’s harder
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2022.01.16 19:31 ThinkingCritical Destiny of X Details | Knights of X & New Mutants Sound Awful

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2022.01.16 19:31 engacad Anyone had cervical disc/spine surgery such as foraminotomy at Kaiser?

I've had a disc bulge in neck diagnosed as cervical foraminal stenosis using mri. It's caused constant pain on the left side of shoulder. Kaiser doctor prescribed medication and has suggested epidural but that only is temporary pain relief. They are not suggesting surgery but I have not gotten to see a Kaiser spine "surgeon" as yet only physical-medicine doctors.
Has anyone had spine surgery such as foraminotomy at Kaiser in NorCal?
How are they compared to other insurances' doctors?
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2022.01.16 19:31 AccomplishedLink364 Now right? Now??!!

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