Best way to knock off the rust?

Knock John Fort (U4) Knock John fort is situated approximately 16.1 kilometres (9 nmi) from the coast off Essex and was grounded on 1 August 1942. It was decommissioned on 14 June 1945 and evacuated on 25 June 1945. The platform was maintained until May 1956 when it was abandoned. No. 1 South Carolina women’s basketball succeeded Tuesday in its toughest challenge of the season, defeating the No. 2 Stanford Cardinal 65-61 in front of 13,079 fans at Colonial Life Arena. An ... Coming off a 10-day break from the last game, Colorado women’s basketball coach JR Payne expected some rust Friday. There was some, but not much, as the Buffaloes routed SMU, 78-55, at CU Events Center to remain undefeated. Quay Miller (20 points, five rebounds), Mya Hollingshed (19 points, seven ... I spray painted two coats of Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch 2x to the vase in the color French blue. Let the paint dry thoroughly. I have always wanted to try this mud technique to a vase, this was the perfect time to try it out. This technique is taking mud smearing it all over a vase, letting it dry and wiping it off. Knocking Off Rust And Looking Ahead ... giving way to the pups on the Bulldog roster. When the schedule allows, as this year's does, this is the Leach modus operandi. ... There's that rust to knock off for the veterans and the growing to do for the youngsters. Off the field and on, this bowl season, you don't have to look hard at all to see the ... Benkert: 'It was good to get experience and knock the rust off' Packers QB Kurt Benkert talks about the extra reps he's been getting this week before the Sunday night matchup against the Chicago ... North knocks off the rust as Okla's double-double, defense send Polar Bears past Doherty ... “But good teams find a way to win games, and tonight I thought they found a way to win the game ... Lowrider Knock Off style wire wheels for sale from Truewire. 760-731-8303. America's favorite wire wheels since 1974. 100 spoke rims. 72 spoke wire wheels. 13 X 7 wire wheels. Zenith style wire wheels. Galaxy wire wheels. Wire wheel and tire packages available with 5.20 Premium Sport tires. Oregon responded by outscoring the Utes 48-26 the rest of the way. The Ducks started the comeback with a 17-2 burst as Richardson scored eight points and Young had seven. Richardson capped the run with a 3-pointer to give Oregon a 48-42 lead with 14:42 left. Men’s hockey: Gophers knock off rust while edging U.S. U18 Team

2022.01.16 18:24 kalvin999 Best way to knock off the rust?

I went to a Spanish immersion elementary school, and then advanced Spanish throughout middle school and high school. Last year my Spanish class was online due to covid, so I didn’t really have to use that much Spanish, and I barely ever spoke it aloud. In two weeks I start my Spanish class for this year and I’m rusty as fuck. What’s the best way to knock off the rust? Does Duolingo work?
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2022.01.16 18:24 dragndon Riddle me this Batman...

I noted that my part cooling fan wasn't working. Not sure how long it hadn't been working (only had the printer 3 weeks) so I got it replaced (actually, I have to do the replacing, cut wires, do some soldering....utterly ridiculous but such is life with the local supplier). Now my prints are WORSE than when it wasn't working.
A comparison of 4 XYZ Cubes
1 - first printed cube. Turned out out 'ok' and fairly accurate without any tuning done. 60C/210C, Cura Slicer 2 - 2nd printed cube, after some tuning and adjustment. Been the best printed one I've had, 60C/225C, Cura Slicer 3 - Cooling Fan replaced, sliced in Prusa Slicer 4 - Immediate reprint without Cooling Fan on
I'm not getting stringing and worse prints with the cooling fan on.
So it sounds like I generally need to turn off my cooling fan for this particular filament (it's a 'value brand' from a local supplier). Does this sound right?
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2022.01.16 18:24 IrateRapscallion [Displaced] - Chapter 113 Part 2

[Reddit won't let me upload my cover? :( ]
[Previous Chapter] | [Next Chapter] | [Patreon] | [Discord] |[Chapter 1]
One would expect that communication between parties would be slow and awkward when one of them can’t speak, and for a little while, that had indeed been the case. These days, while communication was still somewhat slower, there existed a semi-formal system that expedited it all. It had gradually formed almost naturally through his and his ministers’ collective struggles until they could hold detailed discussions without too much delay.
First, there was the reader, somebody designated to stand over Iorweth’s shoulder and read aloud the words he wrote down. Usually, it was somebody present but not involved in the conversation itself, such as a literate bodyguard, but more and more often his Queen would volunteer, as she had this time—he felt that it was beneath her and her station to do this, but she claimed she liked doing it, so he didn’t make a big fuss.
Iorweth always carried writing tools with him now, from the moment his wife finished wrapping his lower face with silken bandages in the morning to the moment she took them off at night. He wrote with an ingenious device called a “fountain pen”, gifted to him by Lord Ferros, the same person who had invaded his sanctuary just the day before. To fuel the pen, he also carried a portable inkwell at his side, which hung from a thin strap around his shoulder when he was moving around.
The most important tool, however, was the large book he carried with him wherever he went. Each book—he’d filled up a good number over the seasons—started entirely blank. Most of it he slowly filled with his words to be spoken aloud by the designated speaker, but the front pages were where he had his default responses. These pages, filled with responses ranging from one step above yes and no—the witch’s curse didn’t prevent him from nodding, after all—to far more complex messages and even numbers, these pages contributed the most to the improved conversation speed.
Since he’d come up with the idea, he found he only had to actually write out a message a quarter as often as before; instead, he simply pointed at various words and phrases while saving time and ink. There were even the occasional days where he could get by with only filling a page with writing. Today, however, was not one of those days.
“You cannot be seriously entertaining the idea!” Minister of Commerce Caitlin Carrigan hollered across the table. “Not only is her demand realistically impossible to fulfill, we have nothing that guarantees that she’ll even keep her word!”
“I simply think it’s best to look at what we know of her, based upon her past behavior,” Prime Minister Connor Seare responded in his usual level tone. “Our King says that she mentioned her hatred of slavery as a justification during her first attack. Then this time, she presented her demands as an offer, as if she were the benevolent party. It seems to me that she does, on some level, value at least the appearance of righteousness. Were we to somehow fulfill her requirements, I would say there are good odds she follows through on her half of the bargain.”
“Would you prefer that she return in the future to find that we’ve disregarded her entirely? How would she take that, I wonder? Perhaps you might volunteer to let her take your voice next, my dear?”
The “debate” had raged like this among the people in the locked room for the last hour. Everybody was on a knife’s edge, not only because of the events on the bridge the day before but also because of what had happened shortly afterward. Prime Minister Seare had thankfully possessed the presence of mind to keep everybody who’d heard the witch’s proclamation sequestered from the rest of the palace until Iorweth had regained his faculties.
Once he’d returned to himself, Iorweth, in his full power as King, had delivered unto them a decree: not a single word of what had happened could be spoken to anybody outside of the group, on penalty of death for every single person other than he and Tangwen. He had no choice but to be so draconian; were the nobles to get even a whiff of an inkling that slavery might be under attack, they would not hold back, and so, neither would he. Many of the people who’d been there at the time were important to the workings of Kutrad, but they were not invaluable, and he’d made sure they understood that. They knew now that a single peep from any one of them, minister or soldier alike, would result in the deaths of them all.
Iorweth fully expected this threat to keep the secret locked tight... for now. It was only a matter of time before it got leaked somehow. Half of the attendees here were soldiers, and, like it or not, soldiers drank. No threat would ever be able to keep their mouths sealed forever.
Even if they did stay sealed, however, others he could not control still could ruin their plans at any time. The witch and her cohort could leak the contents of their meeting at any time and there was nothing he could do about it. This was the biggest reason he hadn’t just had the witnesses killed to ensure their silence. It would do little to his security while robbing him of vital subordinates that he very much did not wish to lose.
And so, his logic brought him back to the beginning. Only one plan of action remained.
He finished his writing and held it up for his love to see.
“Silence!” she barked, bringing a blissful end to the noise. She leaned forward slightly to better see his tiny scrawl.
“I have decided that we will attempt to fulfill the witch’s demands and bring slavery to an end within Kutrad,” she read aloud. Several of those in attendance gasped, while a few others muttered to themselves. Iorweth made sure to note who did what. “It is important that everybody here understands the reality in which we all now reside. The witch has implicated us in the eyes of many of the most powerful people in this nation. Should they find out the truth of what occurred, we will be marked for death. I need not remind you that, while I hold far more power and wealth than any one noble house, I do not hold even close to the power and wealth of the noble houses combined. Should they learn of what transpired yesterday, their reaction will most likely be to take up arms against us all. Even should we all decide to disregard the witch’s offer entirely, they will not be satisfied; not when they can ensure their way of life goes unchallenged with relative ease.”
He flipped the page.
“You are all aware of what will happen to each and every one of you if you should leak what transpired, but we cannot be sure that the witch will not return tomorrow and announce every last detail to the entire city. We must assume that the nobles will learn the truth eventually. When that time comes, I plan to be prepared. There is no use arguing over whether or not to obey the witch’s decree. If we attempt it and fail, we will die upon the blades and pikes of the houses. If we do not attempt it, we will still face the same fate once the houses learn the truth. I repeat, we are all already guilty in their eyes. Do not delude yourself.”
His gaze swept the room as Tangwen spoke, looking for signs of disloyalty—or worse, stupidity and foolishness—within the ranks. Several of the soldiers appeared quite nervous. Had they been contemplating defection? Perhaps informing one of the more powerful nobles in exchange for protection? They would doom themselves along with the rest, but perhaps they could not see this. He made a note to have them watched more tightly. Perhaps a few of them would need to be silenced after all.
“If we must bear this mark of guilt no matter what we choose,” Tangwen continued to read, “then I will choose the path that at least offers a reward for it. Remember, you are all implicated in this, now. There is no going back. Let us set a course immediately.”
He flipped to the final page.
“I know just how unlikely our success feels right now. If we are to accomplish this task, then we will need power. Our first task is to acquire this power through whatever means necessary. Let us begin with the discussion on this point. All ideas are on the table.”
The room went silent for a few moments as his message sank in. Finally, Prime Minister Seare sat down and rubbed his temples with a long sigh.
“Very well,” he said. “The most obvious issue here is our troop count. Since Your Majesty’s army suffered heavier losses than the armies of the houses, we are at an even greater troop deficit than we were before the blasted war. If we wish to stand a chance, we need to bolster the Army. That needs to be step one.”
“But where would we get enough troops?” Tangwen asked.
“I can think of no alternative than the mandatory enrollment of all people within the target age group,” the Prime Minister replied. “If voluntary enrollment was sufficient, the Army would not be so understaffed today.” He sighed again. “I believe we’ve already tripled the initial enrollment bonus, with little result.”
“But we cannot have a functioning nation if so many of our people hafe to set aside their lives to become soldiers,” Minister Carrigan pointed out. “The economy would fall apart, if the affected people didn’t overthrow us first!”
“Of course. That’s why I propose a system of soldier citizens. We train them for a period of time, long enough to get them at least mildly competent, then they return to their old lives until we call upon them. Their quality would be substandard, but with enough of them, it will make a difference.”
“Why wouldn’t the nobles object to this?” the Queen wondered. “Would this not put them on alert?”
“Not if we explain it properly,” Seare argued. “Our Army has been devastated. We have perhaps eight thousand troops left after all our losses. We need to bolster our forces greatly for national security, of course. We impress upon them how chaotic and unstable Eterium is right now. Play up their desperation and the danger they pose.”
“And how will their families survive without them during this period?” another minister inquired.
“We would have to pay them enough to offset the loss, of course,” Seare replied.
“What about mercenaries?” another person asked.
“It’s a shame not even a single general was present yesterday; we could use better information than I possess,” Seare grumbled. “I’m sure we could pad out our forces with mercenaries, of course, but keep in mind that we would be competing with our opposition. Of course, there would be the monetary factors-”
“Sir?” a hesitant voice chimed in from the back. Everybody turned towards the unfamiliar voice, which turned out to come from a scruffy soldier whose name Iorweth did not know. The man was definitely not high ranking, the king could plainly see.
“If you have something to say, say it,” a clearly irritated Prime Minister—Iorweth knew how much he disliked being interrupted—told the soldier.
“Well, sir, it’s just that we probably won’t be able to get many mercenaries for a long time, if ever, sir.”
That drew a scowl from most everybody in the room.
“Explain,” Tangwen commanded.
“Yes, well, my cousin is a mercenary, one of the few who survived Crirada, you see,” the soldier nervously explained. “He told me that almost all the bands are disbanding, sir. They lost so many that there’s just not enough people left to continue, and a lot of those still alive are done with fighting, anyway. He said it’s so bad that the Mercenary Guild itself might fall to pieces.”
“So, few mercenaries and the ones still around will be demanding heavy coin,” the Prime Minister muttered. “Thank you for your information.”
“Raising an army is expensive, mercenaries are expensive... money is the true issue here, isn’t it?” observed Minister Carrigan. “It always comes down to funds, every time. Funds we don’t have.”
“It hasn’t helped that our low manpower has decreased our exports,” Seare added.
“What about getting help from another country?” somebody asked. “A loan, perhaps?”
“From who?” Tangwen replied. “Otharia, Drayhadal, and Stragma would not be interested, Crirada is so mired in the chaos brought about by the invasion that I wouldn’t be surprised were it to split into several smaller states within ten years, and as for Gustil...” She turned to the Prime Minister. “When was the last time we heard from their new ‘king’? Has he even managed to construct a stable government yet?”
Seare shook his head. “Thanks to the Ubrans purging the place of everybody who’d ever held even a spoonful of power, he is finding it quite hard to muster the expertise needed to govern an area as large as Gustil was before their fall. Our people report that their governments are still largely limited to the city level, with the more open land largely ungoverned.”
Iorweth wrote two words and held it up for his love to read. She glanced at them and faltered. “Dear, are you sure?” she asked.
He nodded.
“The mountains,” she read aloud.
The rest of the room stiffened. They did not need him to specify which mountains he was referring to. There was only one place that was known simply as “the mountains”, the Krekard Mountains to the north of Kutrad.
Writing furiously, he spelled out his reasoning.
“The rest of the world may be unstable, but that provides us with the best opportunity. Nocend will need many more resources, especially metals, in the years to come as Eterium falls and Gustil tries to rebuild. Satiating that need will grant us the wealth we require, but we do not currently have the deposits needed to produce the iron and rare minerals that will be in such high demand. We will find what we need in the mountains.”
“But, Your Majesty,” one of the soldiers weakly protested, “the mountains...”
He didn’t have to finish his sentence; everybody knew what he was going to say: the mountains were where people went to die.
“This time it will be different,” Iorweth scribbled. “No more small expeditions. No more mines manned by expendable slaves. The mountains have not yet been conquered because we have never had the spine nor the need to do so. We have both, now. I want an expedition organized as soon as possible to survey the entire range. Spare no expense.”
“Sire, I am not sure we will be able to gather the manpower we would require for an undertaking of that magnitude,” the Prime Minister cautioned. “Given the range’s reputation, I doubt we would have much luck getting even a quarter of the people we would need, even if we paid exorbitantly for them. Nobody would think it worth the risk.”
“We both know that the legends are but myths. The cold and dangerous terrain is what claimed our previous expeditions.”
“That may be so, but you will not be able to convince the public of that. Everybody here has heard rumors of what lies in wait behind the peaks, yes?” Seare pointed at one soldier. “You, what have you heard?”
“Uh, well, my mother used to always say it was roving packs of jaglioths who made their dens in the mountains, sir,” the soldier answered.
The Prime Minister pointed to another soldier. “And you?”
“I heard that there’s something off up there that makes everybody turn into cannibals and eat each other,” the soldier responded.
He pointed to another still. “What about you?”
“Vengeful spirits,” came the reply.
“You see the problem, Your Majesty? No amount of money will make these people go where they do not feel safe enough.”
“Then we make it safe enough,” the Kutrad king wrote. “Send troops to guard them. Enough to ensure that nobody is slain by jaglioths or spirits. Five thousand should be enough, yes?”
“Do you think that is wise, sire? It would be a substantial expenditure.”
“It is time that we claimed that which has always been Kutrad’s. We will make the Krekard Mountains ours once and for all, and from them, we shall prosper.”
“As you say, Your Highness,” Seare said with a nod.
“This has been enough discussion for today,” Tangwen read aloud. “All present will do well to remember what is at stake for all of you. You are dismissed.”
“Your Majesty, if I could have a word,” Minister Carrigan said.
“Later. I grow weary,” he replied.
Iorweth and Tangwen stayed put while the Minister joined the rest filing out into the hall with dampened spirits. Iorweth could see it on their faces, in their eyes. Everyone understood now just what they had all been pulled into. There was no way out for any of them, nor himself, at this point.
“Are you sure this is what you think is best, my dearest?” she asked him once they were alone again.
“I don’t know,” he confided. “It feels impossible. But even so, it is what I desire. I want to be able to tell you that I love you with my own voice. Is that not worth trying for?”
Tangwen embraced him and, for one wonderful moment, the harshness of the world seemed to vanish. “Then let us strive for it with everything we have, my love,” she murmured in his ear. “When the two of us are together, not even the gods can stop us.”
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2022.01.16 18:24 DandyLover What Do You Enter into this Martial Arts Tournament?

This is just a fun little exercise I wanted to share, based on a one-shot idea I had.
The basic premise is essentially a Dragonball-Style World Martial Arts Tournament with the idea being that all characters are Level 10 using Standard Arrey, and would have to have at least 5 levels of Monk to be eligible. The other 5 levels are yours to do with as you please, though with the caveat that only 1 other class can be gone into and you need to always start Monk.
Worth noting: The Winner would gain access to a Sorcerer or Wizard with the ability to cast Wish and grant them whatever they desire using it.
The In-Combat Rules Would Be:

  1. No Magic that would compel someone to do something against their will causing them to lose. (Because, I literally won a tournament doing this exact thing with Suggestion, so I know it's busted in a tournament setting.)
  2. You win by either KO, Ring Out, or Submission. If you kill your opponent you lose.
  3. Only Natural Weapons such as claws and teeth are allowed. Anything else, conjured, magical, or otherwise is forbidden.
  4. All Fights are 1v1. Creatures such as Familars and Animal Companions are forbidden. (Again, first hand experience. It can get ugly.)
With those guidelines and rules in place, what kind of character would you enter? What would they want to wish for? Would they make alliances to aid each other between fights?
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2022.01.16 18:24 HashidaYasushi very hard, help

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2022.01.16 18:24 riseabove12 27M [Friendship] Making genuine friends as an adult isn’t easy, maybe we can help each other out!

Hello Reddit! I recently went though a few challenges in my life that made me realize I need some positive change. Figured I’d be corny and try to start the new year right. Part of that positive change includes new friends. I work a lot so I’m hoping to meet some awesome people on here as meeting people irl isn’t quite as accessible especially at the moment.
Here is a little bit about me to help you decide if you think we’d click. I’m told I’m a genuine and open minded person. I like getting to know people with similar and different interests/opinions as mine. I’m always open to listening to your issues in life (if you want to talk about them of course) I’m honestly better at helping others though their struggles than dealing with my own sometimes lol I have a dark sense of humor and I do not get offended easily. I pretty much love all things nerd. I play D&D, video games (bonus points if you play Tarkov), love Star Wars, LOTR, history and philosophy. I’m also fairly passionate about music as I’ve been playing guitar most of my life. I write and record music recreationally and would be happy to share some of that with you if interested. I enjoy cooking, eating healthy and exercising. I’m also a pretty outdoorsy guy, I like hiking, kayaking, camping, fishing and am always open to trying new outdoor related activities.
Thanks for reading all that and I hope to hear from you! Happy New Year :)
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2022.01.16 18:24 JustGio98 H: be90 flamer, be90gp, tse15r gp and LIST W: OFFERS

-b/e/90 flamer
-ts/e/15r gp
-b/e/90 gp
-j/e/90 tesla
-b/e/25 laser rifle
-b/50c/15c radium
-b/ff250dr laser gatling
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2022.01.16 18:24 RickyDontLoseThat Found the hint sheet I sent $1.50 away for in 1982 and decoded because I was stuck in the game 'Asylum'.

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2022.01.16 18:24 Afii-IsAnIdiot i cant seem to change my password

I tried changing my password but the system won't let me because the password doesnt match with their "format".
Apparently having a 20+ character long password still doesnt match with their password's requirement,my last resort is by linking my ID with my garena account (which i am trying to avoid as much as possible)
So yea,anybody here got any solution to this problem?
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2022.01.16 18:24 Ok_Funny_4697 The Enfer SMP: [Modded][Roleplay][SMP]{1.18.1} {UNIQUE} {CustomCharacters}

The Enfer SMP:
Looking for a unique server? This one is for you! We have created a server where it is primarily played in the nether! We have so many cool plugins that allow us to live a normal life in the actual nether! Not to mention we have lore events all the time and each character gets the freedom to make their own player card.
We have everything from demons, elves, dwarves, blazemen, hellhounds, fallen angels, and so much more! Join the discord to start planning your new life :D
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2022.01.16 18:24 Guilty_Mulberry_2979 We're beaten out by the Germans, c'mon lads, lets pull it together now

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2022.01.16 18:24 jookco Muere - Muerte - Murio : Lamentamos el fallecimiento de nuestro querido amigo y asociado Rafael Jaime Carrera Blesa. Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.16 18:24 Holofan4life Triggered Alexa

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2022.01.16 18:24 ahretour I'm a Diamond Support on EU server, ask me anything

Recently climbed to Diamond, now trying to climb to MasteGM.
Mostly playing Lulu or Thresh. I'm happy to answer all of your questions.
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2022.01.16 18:24 andy2na MSI PRO Z690-A WIFI DDR4 m2_3 NVMe slot not working

I just built a new computer and have gotten a bunch of NVME drives to stick on this motherboard. No matter what drive I try sticking in M2_3 (PCIe Gen 3 slot), the drive isn't recognized. If I move the NVMe drive to slot M2_2 or 4, the drive shows up
Just as background, I have 5 of the 6 SATA ports utilized with 3 SSD and 2 HDD. A PNY CS3040 in M2_1, Samsung 970 Evo in M2_2, and WD Black currently in M2_4. I wanted to put the WD Black in M2_3 since its just PCIe Gen 3. I have another PNY CS3040 coming that I want int M2_4
Does using a specific SATA port disable M2_3 or is my motherboard defective?
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2022.01.16 18:24 angelatina [UK] Looking for players willing to interact daily until BEST friends

Please add only if you are willing to try to interact daily until we reach best friends (please don't add if you're going to stop interacting after ultra).
I’m a very active, level 50 player. I will send gifts every day, and open as often as I can. Remote raid invitations are more than welcome - I will join whenever available.
Code: 1448 9573 9107
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2022.01.16 18:24 ArticleLimp5268 Lion head, Cape Town, iPhone 13 pro max, long exposer shot

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2022.01.16 18:24 aforbes69 Thoughts on renewable energy engineering ??

Hi guys, finishing my bachelors in environmental science this year at University of Manchester, England. Really interested in the renewable sector and obviously predicted immense growth over the coming decades.
Just thought I’d ask peoples opinions of taking a masters in ‘renewable energy engineering’ or ‘energy technology’. Seen a few people questioning the validity of REE - I obviously cannot move into electrical engineering (although I’m not opposed to taking qualifications to improve my maths, physics, coding etc.) I would plan to do it as an international student, I’m thinking Canada, New Zealand or Scandinavia.
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2022.01.16 18:24 DarkShadowOverlord What Equipment Can a Stam Player Use For Dungeons?

I am using relequen but i feel like, for a dungeon 10 stacks is too much... What other set would work on the body?
I tried finding guilds for perfected Relequen and perfected sul xan on pc eu... but couldn't... tried discord also didn't work...I am not sure how people find guilds and trial runs so easily because for me it's impossible
I have stormfist, relequen, advc yokeda + ma bow.
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2022.01.16 18:24 DamnInteresting Video: How Hard Candy Is Made [13:21]

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2022.01.16 18:24 DiskHelpful2465 Honey garlic snack sticks and summer sausage.

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2022.01.16 18:24 brad1651 Code for comparing project codes

Does anyone know of a tool to compare one crypto projects source code to another? I feel as though I've seen one referenced before where you could see how many times a given project has been forked, and by whom.
Obviously 90% of the projects out there are just regurgitated code, and it would be nice to put some references in place to highlight the copy-paste syndrome amongst many s-coins.
I need additional characters, so everything below this sentence is just a repeat.
Does anyone know of a tool to compare one crypto projects source code to another? I feel as though I've seen one referenced before where you could see how many times a given project has been forked, and by whom.
Obviously 90% of the projects out there are just regurgitated code, and it would be nice to put some references in place to highlight the copy-paste syndrome amongst many s-coins.
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2022.01.16 18:24 RichKatz The Danleers - One Summer Night (1958)

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2022.01.16 18:24 Cipher_Gem Vincent Bonsignore on Twitter: Next step for @Raiders ? Stop living so much on a tight rope. Six game-winning drives this year - including five walk offs - is a great accomplishment. But they can’t keep living on the edge like that. The odds caught up to them last night.

Vincent Bonsignore on Twitter: Next step for @Raiders ? Stop living so much on a tight rope. Six game-winning drives this year - including five walk offs - is a great accomplishment. But they can’t keep living on the edge like that. The odds caught up to them last night. submitted by Cipher_Gem to raiders [link] [comments]